Hollow (Blow Molded) Parts

We Provide Part and Mold Design Solutions,
Processing Expertise and Proprietary Products

Product Examples

24-hour urine retention container

One Gallon ‘F’ Style Bottle (HDPE)

Sanitary Chemical Dispenser (HDPE)

One Quart Multi-Use Container (Copolymer PP)

Medical Sanitary Wipe Container (HDPE)

Product Applications

  • Consumer and cosmetics packaging
  • Medical containers
  • Swimming pool components
  • Technical floats

Materials Processed

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene

Product Examples

Medical Fluid Retention Container (HDPE)

Multi-purpose Fluid Container (HDPE)

Aquatic Float Assembly (HDPE)

Pool Cleaning Assemblies (HDPE)

Cosmetic Product Containers (HDPE)