Sound Deadening + Sealing

We Provide Design Solutions and Proprietary Products

HVAC Equipment Surface Corosion Control

Extrusion Capabilities

  • Compounding Systems
  • Custom Extrusion Methods
  • Vacuum Conveyor
  • Lamination
  • Advanced Take-Off Systems

Extrusion Equipment

  • Butyl rubber compounding
  • 6 inch, twin screw extruder
  • Vacuum conveyor
  • Lamination

Product Applications

  • Vibration dampeners for metal and other composites
  • Sealants for pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Sealants for outdoor communication systems
  • Adhesive products for consumer uses

Materials Processed

  • Proprietary butyl rubber blends

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Ductwork Seam Sealing and Corrosion Control

The Problem and The Results